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A mobile phone game to create a pandemic like Corona !

Due to the corona virus, these days people have an interest on books and films about viruses. This ia about such a thing, but about a game.

This game is Plague Inc and you can download the game through Apple app store, google play store and windows phone store.

Simply, in this game what you have to do is to create a pathogen that means a Bacteria, Virus, Fungus, parasite, Prion , Nano -virus or bio weapon and with that you can create a global plague and destroy the human beings in the world.

This is not a simple game. This game is a strategic game. You have to use some strategies to end each step. You can choose a country and create the plague there and then you can spread it to the whole world.

You can increase the transmission of the pathogen by changing the symptoms and its abilities.

You can know about how media activate in that situation and the action taken by the scientists to prevent from this plague etc.

You can have all the calculations like number of deaths, number of infected people and number of people cured from the plague etc.

If the number of infected people decrease by curing you will be defeat from the game. But this is not the reality. Through this game the gamer can understand how a global plague create, how the world fight with that and if people fail to take actions against the plague how they suffer and the danger of a plague etc.

So the game provides a knowledge to the gamer about global plagues.

These gamers will be able to protect the world from global plagues. The creators of this game says that they will take the help of the World Health Organization to develop this game.